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When and where are your assessor training courses run?

PACT offers an e learning assessor training course. You can do the course in a day but we recommend you spread it over a few days. The assessment is downloaded and you do it in your workplace and then send the completed assessment to us.

The course costs $290 plus GST per participant and that includes the assessment against unit standard 4098 (and the related units11281 and 18203). You can pay on-line or email us and we will send out an invoice.

When you enroll we provide you with a password, and to access the course you just log in with your email address and the password.

You can see the course by going to:

What sort of training do you design?

PACT consultants are experts in the design of training. We work alongside technical experts in your organisation, or where necessary, contract in technical expertise. We can design training in any almost any area. For example, we have designed training for:

  • Ambulance call takers and dispatchers
  • Livestock assessors
  • Manufacturing workers 
  • Managers
  • Crane operators
  • Security officers


To name but a few.
For further detail look at PACT's training design services.

Do you run management training?

PACT designs and runs training for organisations. The training is specific to the organisation, we do not offer generic public courses. Management training we have designed and run recently includes:

  • Mentor training
  • Leadership training
  • Coaching skills


Can you design e-learning courses?

Yes, PACT has an e-learning course :
Assessor training

PACT can also design e learning courses for your organisation for your in-house training.

Is your training NZQA?

PACT can design and run training that is linked to NZQA unit standards. PACT is accredited to assess in the following areas of the National Qualifications Framework:

  • Domain: Assessment of Learning (Levels 1 - 5)
  • Domain: Delivery of Adult Education and Training (Levels 1- 5)
  • Domain: Design and Development of Adult Education and Training (Levels 1- 6)
  • Domain: First Line Management (Levels 1 - 5)
  • Domain: Interpersonal Communications (Levels 1 - 6)
  • Domain: Management - Developing and Co-ordinating People (Levels 1 - 6)
  • Domain: People Development and Coordination (Levels 1-5)
  • Domain: Systems and Resources Management (Levels 1-5)
  • Domain: Writing (Levels 1-6)


For further detail look at PACT's NZQA registration and accreditation.

Can you design documentation for our jobs?

PACT can work with your technical experts to design both documentation and training resources for almost any job. Your experts know the job and our experts have the documentation and training design skills. With this partnership approach, combining the two areas of expertise, you end up with the best result for quality documentation and training.


We have difficulty releasing staff for training, how can you help us?

People often assume training will be a training course, with the associated problems of releasing staff to attend. There are other, and often better, ways to learn, such as:

  • On-job training systems
  • E learning
  • Self study modules


PACT are experienced in the design of training which includes a range of learning methods, such as:

  • On-job training and mentoring for Ambulance call takers and dispatchers
  • E learning design for Meridian Energy Ltd
  • Self study modules for BP Ltd.


Do you have training courses we could send our staff to?

PACT does not run public training courses. We design courses for organizations to meet specific staff training needs. Smaller organizations may need to use public training courses or distance learning. PACT does have an e-learning courses available for workplace assessors:

Assessor training  -

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